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Crystal Assortment in Crystal Treasury

We carry genuine, hand-made Bohemian products. Our extensive collection includes:

Bohemia colored (cased) and clear crystal

All crystal is made in the Czech Republic and it is always mouth-blown and hand-cut. We do not sell machine-made products.

Cased crystal is made of two layers of crystal, which are melted together. Inner layer is clear, while the outer layer is colored. Our cutters then cut various decors through the outer layer, which makes the inner layer shine through.

Both clear and cased crystal comes in various traditional and contemporary shapes and patterns. Some of the crystal is further decorated by gilding and high enamel raised porcelain paint.

Crystal Chandeliers

Our selection consists of traditional chandeliers made exclusively from Czech crystal. Most of our chandeliers is made completely of crystal, but we also offer fixtures with metal arms.

Our specialty is Maria-Theresa chandeliers. Maria Theresa chandeliers have metal arms, but the arms are further clad in crystal, so it is a combination of both styles.

You can choose if you wish to have a chandelier with Bohemia or rather Swarovski trimmings. Chandeliers ordered from USA are automatically wired accordingly to US standards.

Bohemia Glass

Our utility and decorative glass collection includes traditional pieces of Egermann engraved glass, paneled glass, high-enamel glass, limited collection of sandblasted glass, gift items, figures and much, much more.

Zwiebelmuster Blue-onion Porcelain

Zwiebelmuster or Blue-onion porcelain is another traditional Czech product and we carry really wide assortment of dinnerware and collectible items.

Royal Dux Porcelain

Utility and decorative items including world famous Royal Dux figures - Rococo, human, animal and bird figures and many other collectibles.

Czech Garnet Jewelry

Czech Garnet is very unique thanks to its fiery red color. With each item we supply "Certificate of genuine Czech jewel" and our garnets bear G or G1 mark of authenticity. View our collection of silver or gold-plated rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, watches and brooches.

Jiri Kocandrle
CEO, owner and founder, Crystal Online CZ s.r.o.

Jiri has been in glass and crystal business since 1995. He established the company Crystal Online in 1999 and the goal is to present on-line our rich Bohemian heritage. Especially items like traditional hand-made crystal, chandeliers and garnet jewelry.