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Italský křišťál
Ruční výroba
Dekorováno v ČR

Italian crystal decorated in Bohemia

Italian crystal is characterized by modern technology and perfect tradition. Products in this line are the only ones we have to offer which are not fully hand-made. The crystal is made in Italy by the machine, but the quality is so outstanding, that it is hard to tell a difference from traditional hand-made crystal.

The superb quality and beautiful shapes of this particular Italian crystal were the reasons why we have decided to buy this crystal and further decorate it here in the Czech Republic.

The products are gilded by 24% gold and also various colors. We use traditional, arabesque decors, which go very well with shapes of this outstanding crystal.

So far, we offer to similar arabesque decors, Empire and Dream, but we will introduce more interesting decors in the near future.

Italian crystal collection includes vases, wine, champagne and liqueur glasses, tumblers, decanters, drinking sets, bowls, boxes and ashtrays. This is our latest collection and we are looking forward to add more beautiful crystal as soon as possible.

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