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The website was easy to navigate and has a large selection of merchandise.
I would have appreciated more information in the summary of your jewelry items on the website. For example, I have no idea what size the items I ordered are. Including the size of each piece would be helpful for your customers.
I have received my items fast after delivery. I live in the us. So it took aprox 2 weeks all together after ordering. But there is not info about the items like reveipt or crystel info: like lead percentage or so. I hope its real crystals. Probably nor 24% lead but still. I liked them. If u provide that info will be great.
i. a.
Our answer:
You have ordered Italian crystal as described on our website, which we further decorate. That is why we do not put labels on it. This is the only exception. As otherwise, we only sell hand-made Bohemian glass and crystal. And yes, this is 24% PbO. Thank you. Jiri
Lots of options at good prices. Easy to order. As this is my first time ordering via your site, I feel like this survey adds to the good experience.
There are items that want to purchase in the future. It would be nice if you included a wish list on your site, so that I may automatically select the items from a wish list and not have to search for the item again.
R. Y.
Our answer:
Absolutely... Hopefully we will be able to do it next year. Right now, you can put items into your shopping cart and keep them there indefinitely...
I have been a client for years and this website is a big improvement. Keep up the great work!
Our answer:
Thank you so very much... Jiri
Hi, I previously order glasses from you, Order confirmation No. 2017000205. Amongst others, I ordered 330ml Beer Glasses. When the beer glasses arrived here in South Africa, I discovered that they were only 250ml, not nearly big enough to take a can of beer. I noticed it still states 330ml on your web site. I now sit with beer glasses of 250ml I cannot use and I paid 112.50USD for that. :-( Deon Maritz
D. M.
Our answer:
Yes, I understand. All is hand-made, mouth-blown, and you never know how much crystal is the glassmaker use, how much air is he going to blow in it and thus even such difference can happen. Your glasses must me more thick-walled nad heavier...
I was happy to find this website with prices in USD and good prices. I cannot comment on delivery or quality until I receive the merchandise. I was disappointed that an email I sent to sales@... did not get answered. I had questions about the size of a couple items. It would be helpful to have that information on the web page, such as length of chain on a necklace or size of a pendant. It's pretty hard to tell from looking at pictures. Thank you!
K. W.
Our answer:
I am sorry you did not receive your answer. We wrote you that your necklaces are 17.7 inches long and that size of the pendant is 1 inch. Did resend the e-mail again today...