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High Enamel
High Enamel Glass

Egermann glass
Egermann glass

hand painted glass
Hand painted glass

Historical replicas
Historical Replicas

Hot shaped glass
Hot shaped glass

Exclusive design glass
Exclusive glass

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Bohemian Glass

Bohemian glass collection includes wide range of products from the simpliest hot-shaped, colored glass products to the art pieces, in which our glassmasters show their skills and true mastery.

Bohemian Glass and Crystal section - 10 lines with selection of:

Clear and decorated hand or automatic glass, gift, gift ideas, crystal collectibles.
Hand-painted and stained items (special collection made by our top artisans)
Products decorated with traditional decorating techniques (high enamel, cased and painted items)
Gift items - colored figurines, fruit, vegetable, trees, etc...

Caring for your Czech crystal and Bohemian glass

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