Bohemia Cut Figurines

Bohemia Crystal Palace offers extensive collection of cut crystal figurines.

Beauty, charm and elegance - these are the attributes of crystal figurines and other Preciosa decorative objects. These glittering creations of lasting value, created by talented and loving hands of our designers and cut from genuine Bohemian crystal, make not only perfect gifts for your nearest and dearest, family and friends, but they are also eagerly sought after by collectors.

crystal figurine cut crystal lilly cut gift crystal clock

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Our crystal figurines collection is divided into following categories:

Table decorations - clocks
Flowers and Fruits
With love - nice gifts for your loving ones...
Our pets
In the country - hen, chicken, etc...
Summer glade - birds, ants, beatles...
On the lakeshore - swan, frog, water lilly...
Secrets of the sea
The zoo
Performance - clawns, animal bands...
Christmas decorations
Chess crystal figurines
Signs of Zodiac

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How to find desired items:

We offer variety of other products from Czech Republic. Our basic collection includes more than 8000 items. To make your search for a right product easier, our collection is divided into several section and lines:

Cut crystal section -  in 14 lines you can view and (or) purchase:

24% PbO collection which includes clear hand cut, cut combined with gold paint and (or) high enamel, engraved, stained items, colored cased items and cut crystal figurines

Bohemia Glass and crystal section - 10 lines with selection of:

Hot-shaped items made from colored batch.
Ajeto art glass - products made by famous designers Mr. Sipek and Novotny.
Traditional items painted by silver or gold paint.
Clear and decorated hand or automatic production (glases, vases etc)
High enamel colored items
Egermann stained, etched and engraved items
Original relief items from Desna
Historica replicas of Ancient, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Art-Nouveau products.
Figurines, fruit, vegetables, Christmas balls and many other decorative items.

Chandeliers section:

Plain chandeliers - a very sober style which exhorts to return to plain beauty of classical antiquity - austere elegance without any overbundant ornamental motifs.
Cut chandeliers - decorated with mouth blown and hand cut and polished parts and richly dressed with various chandelier trimmings.
High enamel chandeliers - main parts of the fittings are made from three layers of art colored glass that are fused together. These parts are further decorated with raised high enamel paint.
Maria Theresa chandeliers - Models have flat steel branches, and each arm is clad on both sides with glas fillets secured with rosettes, precisely matching the curvature of arms.
Light metal arms fittings- these are distinguished by the use of light weight metal tubes for arms.
Cast metal - rich relief decorations and a variety of patina coatings.
Modern - fit perfectly into luxurious and attractive interiors as well as to smaller halls.
Brilliant - their parts are made of classic materials, but their plain design and the type of the trimmings are completely new.

Porcelain section - here you can find:

Porcelain lace figurines
Typical Zwiebelmuster - Bohemian Blue Onion Porcelain
Traditional Royal Dux figurines and decorative porcelain

Medieval Glass Industry - Lusatian Mountains, Bohemia

Like other border-forming mountain ranges in medieval Bohemia, the Lusatian Mountains were a mere abandoned forest. Thanks to abundant stocks of wood - used as both fuel and a raw material - later owners of this territory found glass making a suitable way to exploit this otherwise deserted area. The Lusatian Mountains are further marked with a significant geological defect known as the 'Lusatian break' which is scattered with quartz veins. Crushed quartz was one of the basic raw materials used in the melting of glass. This is why the oldest medieval glass making shops were founded immediately in those locations rich with necessary raw materials. When the reserves of wood within accessible reach of a glassworks were exhausted, a new glass making center was situated further away. Therefore, a typical medieval glassworks changed its location several times during its existence. (Written by Jaroslav Rez, Michal Gelnar).

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