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crystal glass
Crystal glass

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Crystal bowls

Bohemia colored crystal
Colored crystal

lead crystal figurines
Crystal figurines

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Crystal plates

Crystal chandeliers

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Crystal decanters

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Bohemia crystal palace offers extensive collection of czech crystal, czech cut crystal, bohemia glass, chandeliers and porcelain. We carry over 8 000 glass and crystal items in stock!

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Czech crystal collection includes:

24% PbO hand-cut crystal items, includig both traditional (501, Pinwheel, Comet) and modern decors. Line is composed of vases, bowls, candlesticks, boxes, decanters and many decorative items.

Decanters, glasses vases, bowls Czech crystal wine glasses

24% PbO hand-cut Czech crystal further decorated by high enamel and 18KT liquid gold paint.

High enamel Enamel paint

Cased, overlay czech crystal is available in red, green and most popular - cobalt blue color. Again, you can choose from wide variety of shapes and colors.

Cased crystal

Czech crystal figurines - beauty, charm and elegance - these are the attributes of crystal figurines and other Preciosa decorative objects. These glittering creations of lasting value, created by talented and loving hands of our designers and cut from genuine Czech crystal, make not only perfect gifts for your nearest and dearest, family and friends, but they are also eagerly sought after by collectors.

Parrots Water Lilly Rose Cut swan

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