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Bohemia glass and crystal

Bohemia Crystal Palace offers thousands of hand-cut Czech glass and crystal utility and decorative items, plus traditional crystal chandeliers and porcelain. To make your search for the right product easier, items are divided into several simple categories. Our crystal comes in clear, colored or in gold-paint execution. We also offer Free-shaped glass, molded Art-Nouveau glass and various glass items decorated by many techniques - painted, etched, and engraved, including original Egermann products.

What is Bohemia glass and Bohemia crystal:

Our crystal contains 24% of Lead, while glass does not contain Lead at all. Lead softens the glass mass, and that is why it is possible to make fine and precise cut decors, resembling the lace. Bohemian cut lead crystal is one of the traditional and most sought-after Czech articles. It has gained its fame thanks to its exceptionally fine cut execution resembling the lace, which has also given it the common name lace cut. In the world it has become the synonym for the general term Czech Crystal. Bohemian glass has many other forms. It is either hot-shaped directly at the hot furnace, or blown into molds. Glass items blown into mold are often further decorated - mostly by painting (high enamel glass), or engraving (Egermann glass).

Shipping and packing of crystal:

Since we ship worldwide and both crystal and glass items are pretty fragile, we take great care of packing. We have over 16 year of experience and we can proudly say the damage is very, very rare. Plus, we only ship with reliable shipping companies. All items are covered by full insurance, so in an unfortunate case of damage, we immediately ship replacement.

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