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Bohemia glass crystal

Bohemia Crystal Palace offers over 8 000 unique Czech stained glass, glass crystal and porcelain items online. To make your search for the right product easier, items are divided into several simple groups (lines) and categories..

What is the difference between Bohemia glass and crystal:

Crystal contains 8-24% PbO (Lead), while glass contains no lead at all. Bohemian cut lead crystal is one of the traditional Czech articles. It has gained its fame thanks to its exceptionally fine cut execution resembling the lace, which has also given it the common name lace cut. In the world it has become the synonym for the general term Czech Crystal. Even though this synonym is not exact, for Bohemian glass crystal has many other forms, it indicates the popularity, which still enjoys. The most expressive among the rich decors is the one called PK 500.

On-line collection:

Our 24% PbO hand - made collection can be found in "cut crystal" section and is further divided into 14 lines, which include clear hand cut, cut combined with gold paint and (or) high enamel, engraved and colored cased items.

We are the producers and distributors of classic Czech hand made Bohemian
fine or cut lead crystal gifts. We carry well over 10000 items in stock!
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