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What is the difference between Bohemia glass and crystal:

Crystal contains 8-24% PbO (Lead), while glass contains no lead at all. Bohemian cut lead crystal is one of the traditional Czech articles. It has gained its fame thanks to its exceptionally fine cut execution resembling the lace, which has also given it the common name lace cut. In the world it has become the synonym for the general term Czech Crystal. Even though this synonym is not exact, for Bohemian glass crystal has many other forms, it indicates the popularity, which still enjoys. The most expressive among the rich decors is the one called PK 500.

On-line collection:

Our 24% PbO hand - made collection can be found in "cut crystal" section and is further divided into 14 lines, which include clear hand cut, cut combined with gold paint and (or) high enamel, engraved and colored cased items.

Bohemian glass

Its production in Bohemia already has a tradition for number of centuries, because the region offered from ancient times everything that primitive production needed. There was especially enough silica and wood available for heating the ovens and refining the ash, in the form of potash, which was added to the batch.

From very brief mentions in written documents from pre-Hussite times (1350 to 1420) we know of about 21 works (11 in Bohemia, 8 in Silesia, 3 in Moravia) although according to archaeological finds, there must have been many more.

Glassworks, whether from the Middle Ages, Renaissance or Gothic times, could only be found in the deep forest. Around them sometimes grew a small village usually located by a stream in the valley. It not only used to be the center of glasmaking but also independent economic bodies having its own agriculture and other kinds of productions.

The center of Bohemia was the oldest colonized area and since pre-historic times, the population was very dense. Therefore there were not enough forests and that is why this area was not suitable to build works. Most of the works were established in the pre-border areas, which had dense forests and steep hills, both in the North and South areas.

On-line collection:

Bohemian Glass can be found in the " glass crystal " section and is further divided into 13 lines, which include:

Egermann Red, Amber and Green Stained items - these are unique products of the incomparable series, called after the inventor of this decorating technology, Mr. Friedrich Egermann (1777-1864) from Novy Bor.

High Enamel - one of our most well-known, mouth blown and hand-crafted traditional products. First, a piece is painted with gold paint. Then is fired at a temperature of 560 degrees Celsius. After the firing, raised paint made from ground-down porcelain and other additives is used. Relief paints, and the shaping of the designs (usually flowers) takes place at this point of making of High enamel. 
After second firing, more relief paints are used to add the final details. After each coat of relief paint, the piece must be fired again. Sometimes the piece has to be fired 4 times to achieve quality high enamel, enamel product.
The colors (Ruby, Cobalt, White, Jade or Black) are beautifully accented by the contrasting depth of the rich enamel on which the raised flowers lie

Exclusive Ajeto products - Ajeto works is bent upon producing hand-made pieces in which they tart technical impossibilities. Products in this line are designed by Borek Sipek.

Historical replicas of Ancient, Forest, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo items.

Original Relief collectibles from Desna

Modern, colored and hand-shaped vases, bowls, plates and decorative items, made by best Czech masters.

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Chandeliers, lamps and sconces

In several lines, we offer over 900 high enamel, clear or cased crystal chandeliers, sconces and lamps.


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