Bohemia Cut Crystal Glass

Wide selection of genuine Bohemia cut crystal. Decorative and utility hand-made crystal glass, vases, bowls,decanters and much more. We offer beautiful traditional cuts and more contemporary decors as well. Our crystal comes either in clear, or colored, so called "cased" execution. Some pieces are further hand painted by enamel and 24 carat Gold paint.


One week FedEx overseas delivery at affordable cost.

25% discount on all hand-cut, utility and decorative Bohemian crystal in most sought-after, best-selling traditional cut No. 57001.

Over 500 new cut crystal items in beautiful, contemporary designs - Italian cut crystal hand-painted in Bohemia at promotional prices.

All discounts are valid until until the end of January, 2015.

Traditional Czech Crystal Chandeliers

We offer various crystal chandeliers, traditionally made in the Czech Republic. Our selection includes hand-made chandeliers with Bohemia crystal trimmings, famous Maria Theresa chandeliers, wrought iron chandeliers and chandeliers with Svarowski trimmings. We have matching lamps and sconces for all our chandeliers. US wiring for overseas orders.

Blue Onion or Zwiebelmuster Porcelain

Blue onion porcelain is sometimes also called Zwiebelmuster porcelain, but it is exactly the same thing. This porcelain comes from Czech Republic and we carry all you can think of, including dinneware and collectible items. Blue onion decor has its origin in the wrong interpretation of a picture of the pomegranate, which remotely resembles the outline of an onion.

Royal Dux Porcelain

Royal Dux porcelain have been famous worldwide for more than one hundred years now. Our Royal Dux collection includes classic decorative porcelain, human and animal figurines. Among decorative porcelain you can find items like clocks, vases, boxes, Christmas items and pictures, while collection of human and animal figurines includes Roccoco dolls, villagers, busts, wild animals, birds and much, much more.

Czech Garnet Jewelry

Czech, or Bohemian Garnet is unique due to its nice, fiery red colour and excellent light refraction. Our garnets come with the Certificate of genuine Czech jewel and bears G or G1 mark. Our garnets are produced either in 14Kt Gold plated sterling Silver, or Silver coated with Rhodium. [Rhodium protects the Silver].

We produce and distribute classic Bohemia hand cut crystal, crystal glass, crystal chandeliers, so-called Blue Onion or "Zwiebelmuster" and Royal Dux porcelain.
We carry well over 10000 crystal items in stock!
We distribute internationally - visit our online store

One week overseas delivery

Affordable cost, delivered by FedEx, fully covered by insurance.

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