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Lead crystal from Bohemia is definitely the best Bohemia has to offer

Lead Crystal is a traditional Czech glassmakerís invention. Already at the end of the 18th century it was found that thanks to the addition of Lead, glass acquires unique optical properties. Thus was born the lead crystal. For its lightness and beauty, lead crystal is admired and respected throughout the world. Containing 24% of Lead ensures its gorgeous shimmer and high quality.

Lead crystal, expecially when hand-cut, has much higher refractive index than the glass has. This ensures its higher lustre and maximum suitability for decorative purposes. Lead crystal will brighten up any interior. We carry various shapes and cuts. From traditional dense 57001 decor to contemporary Pinwheel cut. We also carry coloured crystal and crystal decorated by Gold and/or porcelain paint, so called High-Enamel.

We are the producers and distributors of classic Czech hand made Bohemian
fine or cut lead crystal gifts. We carry well over 10000 items in stock!
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We carry assortment of Bohemian cut crystal vases, boxes, baskets, trays, candlesticks, clocks, crystal chandeliers, wall sconces, lamps, figurines, red stained Egermann glass and many other collectibles including Blue-Onion Zwiebelmuster porcelain. Anniversary, corporate, wedding and Christmas gifts.

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