Bohemia Royal Dux Porcelain - figurines, vases, clocks...

Original Bohemian Royal Dux porcelain figurines - tradition well over one hundred years old. We offer about 1 200 original Royal Dux figurine porcelain items on-line: Bohemia Rococo and other human figures, figures of animals, religious motives and many other decorative items like clocks, bowls, vases, candlesticks etc...

Royal Dux figurines are available in the following color executions: Isis, Saxe, Pastel, Luxor, Bronze, White and Black porcelain.

Except of the Blue Onion and Royal Dux porcelain, we also carry Bohemian crystal glass, cut crystal chandeliers and Czech garnet jewelry. Over 10 000 items in stock.
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Royal Dux Porcelain - description of decors - executions:

010 - Biskvit: A non-glazed body, white after firing, mat, sometimes gilded

060 - White + print + platinum: White glazed articles, decorated with print and platinum

200 - Pastel: The decoration is made on over-fired bodies in the same way as the Luxor decoration. The decorated porcelain is not glazed and decorated after the firing. This technique is mostly used for animal motifs; the human motifs are used very rarely.

210 - Luxor: Under-glaze decoration, which is mostly used for decoration of animal motifs. The decoration is made as coats of salts of colouring oxides using brushes or spraying of under-glaze colours and subsequent drawing. The human motifs are mostly made as drawings using brushes and salts of colouring oxides and under-glaze colours, which are completed with on-glaze colours and sometimes with gold.

250 - Saxe: These articles belong to a group of on-glaze decoration. The articles are decorated with on-glaze colours using brushes. They shine thanks to bright colours and flower patterns combined with gold. This decoration is used for human motifs.

260 - Isis: On-glaze decoration - the porcelain article is decorated with cobalt glaze. In addition to rich gilding, the on-glaze colours are used for drawing and other supplements with human motifs. Decorative articles can be completed with one-colour and fancy flower motifs

310 - Purple: On-glaze decoration, which is made as sprayed purple on-glaze colours containing gold. It is mostly used for decoration with human motifs and on articles of decoration chinaware, completed with one-colour or fancy flower motifs.

350 - Stock black: On-glaze decoration - it is used on glazed porcelain articles using spraying of the whole surface with black, brown, grey or white colours. This kind of decoration is mostly used with smooth stylised kapes.

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