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Manufacturing of Bohemian Crystal

The manufacture of bohemia hand-cut lead crystal is one of the most important industries, with the oldest of traditions, in the Czech Republic. Glass and crystal has been made in Bohemia for more than 800 years. The industry is founded on well-established craftsmanship, technical skill and artistic inequity, which is much admired the world over.

The skill of the glassmakers

The skill of the glassmakers is combined with artistic craftsmanship in manipulating this material to make the most of the high refraction of light that the brittle beauty of products cut from lead crystal possess. The excellent level of Czech, or so-called Bohemia cut lead crystal production is based not only on tradition accumulated over the centuries, but also on skill, experience and training of glassmaker in quality craftsmanship and the ability to create an attractive and tasteful product and discover new techniques.

Glassmakers are trained in the special schools of glassmaking, which are unequalled in the world, the earliest of which was founded in 1856. These special schools train qualified painters, stained glass makers, crystal cutters, engravers and technicians. Leading specialists take care of the development of each student, passing the expertise and skill down the generations.

Alongside the traditions, creativity in production techniques and design developments are encouraged to keep Bohemian crystal among the world's leading products.

The best of the rich Czech crystal

Our collection represents the best of the rich Czech crystal making tradition. Few countries in the world can boast of such a wide range of traditional decorating techniques as those that have been used in the Czech region. Even though they make use of modern science and technology, which contribute to their improved quality, essentially they rely upon traditions, which are hundreds of years old. From the mouth blowing of the raw product, to its finishing and decorating by means of various techniques, the human skill, sense of art and good taste have always been, and remain, essential.

This depth of experience, on which the virtuosity and preciseness of the work is based, is a significant precondition of mastering the very specific and demanding production techniques.