Blue onion porcelain, Czech porcelain

Blue Onion porcelain collection consists of fine china only - dinnerware, dolls, figurines, plates, bowls, clocks and other collectibles. The blue painted motif used, and called from the very beginning the Blue onion, onion Fine china design, originates in the combination of various stylized floral motives of the philosophy of east Asia, fashioned to European style and approach, on the background. The customary designation has its origin in the erroneous interpretation of a picture of the pomegranate, which remotely resembles the outline of an onion.

The name represents, however, a symbol of subtle beauty, of the combination of usefulness and delight of the spirit, of uniqueness and world repute. The Fine china, for its specific character and unique Blue onion decoration became greatly desired czech porcelain, handed down from generation to generation. See Help+FAQ for more...

Since for long years it has been made with no changes of shape or design, and since the in glazed decoration is very durable, it is permanently possible to supply each set with missing or new traditional pieces. Due to continued attention devoted to the development of new products, the blue onion assortment is being increased by new, additional components, useful as well as decorative.

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