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Original Bohemia Zwiebelmuster / Blue Onion bowls and trays

Use our Zwiebelmuster porcelain bowls and trays for serving fruit and snacks or just exhibit them as a showcase decoration. It is completely up to you. In both cases you can rely on their unique beauty, premium quality and long lifespan. All the pieces are made from worldwide famous Czech porcelain and represent a great addition to your dish ware. We carry really wide selection of Blue Onion regular or footed bowls and you can choose bowls or boxes which are further embossed, decorated with perforations or with a smooth surface. All with traditional under-glazed Blue Onion motifs.

Production of Zwiebelmuster porcelain started in 1885, when traditional Rococo shapes were decorated with traditional underglaze blue paint resembling the onion. In 1929 the porcelain was marked MEISSEN, but since 1956 it bears the mark Original Bohemia Zwiebelmuster Made In Czech R. Onion porcelain has been popular all over the world for over 150 years now, even though the pattern itself has hardly changed at all over the years (or maybe it is thanks to that fact?). There are probably more reasons for its popularity though. It is surely its uniqueness; there is nothing similar to onion porcelain. Then there is a certain delicacy, exquisiteness, simplicity and modesty, even intimacy to this style. It is as if there is a certain peace and harmony woven in the shapes and lines. In addition, the inspiration may have been oriental but the make and style perfectly fitted the patterns and taste of . Porcelain is without doubt the thing people most associate with Rococo.

We offer dozens of various porcelain bowls and trays so you can easily choose the ones that meet all of your requirements

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