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Original Bohemia Zwiebelmuster / Blue Onion porcelain plates and soup bowls

We offer extensive collection of Original Bohemia Zwiebelmuster Porcelain plates and soup bowls with so-called Blue Onion decoration. This traditional porcelain is made in the Czech Republic and represents the fascinating and ageless legend that will never go out of fashion. Stylish floral motifs, premium quality and long lifespan make the Zwiebelmuster porcelain /sometimes also called Blue Onion porcelain/ one of the most favorite tableware on this planet.

The factory acquired the license for production of Rococo-style onion porcelain from Meissen, Austria in 1880s. The Meissen trademark was complemented by a five pointed star to distinguish products from Bohemia. For over 100 years, all Blue Onion porcelain bears a trademark ORIGINAL BOHEMIA ZWIEBELMUSTER MADE IN CZECH R. and tricorn royal crown just above the capital letter D.

At first, Chinese and Japanese patterns were used, but by the first half of the 18th century, a porcelain painter from the Meissen factory, Johann David Kretschmar, came up with a novelty which was soon after called the Onion or Blue Onion pattern. People called the new decor like this because they were not familiar with the flora of the Far East. We shouldn’t talk about onions - the famous Kretschmar’s décor was (and still it today) a compositionally perfect combination of several plant motifs, in particular Japanese peaches, peonies, asters, a bamboo trunk and a pomegranate. It was the pomegranate, which reminded the Europeans of onions at that time. No matter what people called the Meissen novelty, its popularity skyrocketed and Blue Onion porcelain is very popular even today.

We are ready to deliver the porcelain plates anywhere you want - from Mariana Trench to the peak of Mount Everest.

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