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We recently purchased blue onion soup dishes. We are very happy with them. We plan to be buying your glassware and jewelry as well. We do have two questions about the blue onion soup dishes : 1. Are they dishwasher safe? 2. Are they microwave safe? Please reply to bellardo.guarino@gmail.com Thank you. Lewis Bellardo
Three weeks ago I was able to proceed with the payment using Paypal. Today for a not specified reason it wasn't possible. You need to check that. Great products and good service.
L. C. A.
Website is very user friendly
Great product. Very satisfied!
S. H.
Very nice hand cut crystal
T. K.
I have bought from you before. Classy workmanship. Wonderful products!! Best wishes...
S. H.
Impressed with how easy it was for me to check items on your website and place my order.
J. S. L.
This company is first class.....great service, resolves issues quickly and fairly should there be any and provides beautiful, high quality products. I buy quite a bit with this company and very much trust doing business with them. I feel fortunate that I happened upon this company and to include them as one of my few overseas vendors.
P. H.