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If the picture can be viewed from more angles for clarity it will be nice.
M. R.
I would like to know how to read the measurements of the crystal pieces ... the buscuit jar 5.31in is that the height with the lid or is the the wide of the jar ... same as the punch bowls ...
f. h. m.
it would be helpful if you could advise if you gift wrap packages. thank you for your support.,
An excellent variety of goods, and simply site to navigate.
G. K.
I made the order today but this is my first order, i hope it will be beautiful as the picture
Highly recommend
T. K.
There was only one mistake in the last shipment where a different bottle was shipped instead of the ordered one! Looking forward to receiving well made products. Thank you!
A. A.
This is my first time ordering. I await to see your product quality and craftsmanship. Hope to do more business with you. Website is great!
A. A.