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Very good quality products.
Beautiful crystals even much nicer f rom the pictures Fast delivery and. Well packaged
T. K.
Great selection with an easily accessible site. Very happy with my shopping experience. If I'm happy with my first order I will be coming back for more. Thanks for the opportunity. The only thing I would ask for is if somewhere on your site it would state if each piece came with a sticker of authenticity. I looked but couldn't find anything. Thanks again. Very much looking forward to receiving my order.
J. W.
I have purchased many many items from Jiri and all have been of the highest quality. Though rare, I did have a few items that had to be replaced. Jiri quickly replaced the items with no hassle or fuss, which in my mind says it all. As a result of all interactions with Jiri, I have total trust in the honesty, integrity, knowledge and expertise of his organization. I just wish I received this type of quality and customer care with other companies I do business with in the USA. I can't brag on this company enough!!!!
P. H.
This is my third time buying from them very honest and helpfull
T. K.
Would help is some items have more than one photo, such as in the case of a bowl to see how it looks when you look from the top. Or detail of a the foot of a bowl.
Our answer:
That is right, and we are slowly adding more pictures, but this is going to take quite some time, unfortunately.
Images for the lamps are of low quality and very limited.
G. B.
I was looking for customs information, if I have to pay duty in the US. It is not clear on your website if Fedex is handling this and the duty is i included in their charge or not. Also a receipt would be nice with the total charge on it (including shipping and duties).
Our answer:
We have no knowledge about customs fees in foreign countries, and the truth is that some local fees and duties might apply. We suggest to ask local customs authorities in advance. No duty should apply on orders 800 USD or less in USA, that is all we know now.... Jiri