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As I live in Argentina the delivery prices are very high. sometimes similar to the prices of the goods. I don´t know if there may be other method to pay a little less and earn the money to buy more items. Other problem is thet our goverment do not allow me to buy more , but, it´s changing. I like your web page and all yout products. Thanks.
M. E. .
Our answer:
Thank you very much. We only offer traditional, hand-made products, all made in the Czech Republic, Bohemia.
Very slow to navigate
Our answer:
Thank you for your comment. We have been working on this issue for quite some time and we will get this resolved shortly. We are trying to find a compromise between the quality of the picture and the overall performance of our site.
i placed an order: 2016000204. but never received an email confirmation of this order or see this order on my account. Kindly confirm order and shipping status. Thank you. Jack Wetter
j. w.
Our answer:
Please check your SPAM folder, as we have sent you an automatic answer and I also replied to you already. Thank you, Jiri
A pat on the back to Kiri. Excellent customer service.
P. E. T. J.
The website is slow to load.
K. R.
more and new styles !!!
Our answer:
We are going to add lots of new products this summer - garnet jewelry, Bohemian high enameled glass, Czech crystal chandeliers and also Blue Onion Zwiebelmuster porcelain...
I can not get my crystal swan my bank said you have the wrong expiry date on my card.
Our answer:
Well, we used the data you provided. We will call you later today to verify the information we got from you.