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Many thanks for your generosity
H. A. .
exactly what we are looking for
The website is easy to navigate and the products you have on display are excellent
The only improvement that I could suggest are dropdown menus for the items that have different size/color options instead of it being multi-click. Outside of that I found the website very easy to use.
I tried asking some questions on your Facebook page and i got some info, but after following up with more questions, its been a couple of days, and no one has answered me. I saw a specific goblet that i love the design of. your people said you could duplicate it so i wanted to know how i go about ordering that design since your order form for that product has no customization choices. I really would like to order a specific design, but no one will answer me questions.
K. A.
Our answer:
Yes, we were on holidays last week, so we were a few hours late with answers, sorry about that...
I have an outstanding order which is not showing up in My Account
P. H.
Our answer:
I have checked and you were not logged in, when you place your order, and thus your order did not show in your account. We merged your profile and order, so you can see it now...
As I live in Argentina the delivery prices are very high. sometimes similar to the prices of the goods. I don´t know if there may be other method to pay a little less and earn the money to buy more items. Other problem is thet our goverment do not allow me to buy more , but, it´s changing. I like your web page and all yout products. Thanks.