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There was only one mistake in the last shipment where a different bottle was shipped instead of the ordered one! Looking forward to receiving well made products. Thank you!
A. A.
This is my first time ordering. I await to see your product quality and craftsmanship. Hope to do more business with you. Website is great!
A. A.
muy bien
Thank you for a well designed website. We recently lost all our crystal in an small disaster. It was good to find many beautiful pieces here at reasonable prices to replace our destroyed crystal.
im david israel ochoa of regalos david owner im a gifth store in los mochis sinaloa mexico and my trading service is in calexico california usa i wish you know you only trade prices list to complette my stock tank awaiting you comments tnks my e mail daviddaviddior@hotmail.com tnks regards david ochoa regalos david owner
d. i. o.
The website was easy to navigate and has a large selection of merchandise.
I would have appreciated more information in the summary of your jewelry items on the website. For example, I have no idea what size the items I ordered are. Including the size of each piece would be helpful for your customers.
I have received my items fast after delivery. I live in the us. So it took aprox 2 weeks all together after ordering. But there is not info about the items like reveipt or crystel info: like lead percentage or so. I hope its real crystals. Probably nor 24% lead but still. I liked them. If u provide that info will be great.
i. a.
Our answer:
You have ordered Italian crystal as described on our website, which we further decorate. That is why we do not put labels on it. This is the only exception. As otherwise, we only sell hand-made Bohemian glass and crystal. And yes, this is 24% PbO. Thank you. Jiri